Edgar Centre Morning


On the 2nd of September the Year 5s and 6s went to the Edgar Centre for the morning. We were put into groups with Silverstream and Elmgrove. Then we got to move around different sports including Basketball, Hockey, Futsal, Relays and Touch. Our favourites were Touch and Futsal. We had a really fun morning and a special thanks to the organisers to help make it a great day.
Tom and Jordyn

Mountain biking – Quick write


Pushing down the mountain at high speed towards the pristine aquamarine  coloured lake, that shimmers up at me.  The mountains capped in white snow, pierce the pale blue sky as the clouds all different shapes and sizes rush across the sky in the howl of the wind. It whips my face like a horsewhip.  The meadow green grass waves up at me like an old friend saying hello.  As I continue to descend the mountain the track wraps around the lake like a snake.



I race up the sheer trail, blood pumping, rushing through my veins.  I can feel the cold breeze on my face.  I come over the hill and see the beautiful mountains covered in snow, like flour on bread.

Then I become airborne, flying through the air.  I land with a thud and coldish wind is blowing around me.  It feels like it’s going through me.  I can see a structure, it looks like a dam.  The lake water looks greenish blue and the sun’s heat is beaming on the it.



Zooming down the track, adrenalin is pumping through me.  I soar around the corner and I spot the glistening aqua lake in the distance.  The vast mountains are piercing the bright blue sky.  Leaning forward I realise how skinny the trail is and that there is no room for error.  My wheels are spinning faster than my legs are pedalling and I almost fall off as I skid around the corner.  My heart is pounding in my chest.  “Will I make it down unharmed?” I feel like I am on top of the world!


Cultural Day


On Thursday 17th of June we had the whole school Cultural day we got into our class groups and rotated through a series of exciting activities. These included weaving, kite making, action songs, pou pou prints, art, face masks and poi making. Room 2 did poi making with Room 6, it was hard at first but it got easier by the end.  We really enjoyed the cultural day.   Our favourite activity was action songs.

Kaitlyn and Ruby

RASA Dance


Rooms 1 and 2 had RASA Dance from Week 2 – Week 4 and performed on 27 May 2016.  During the first two weeks we had 4 sessions with our instructors, learning the dance and then we practised everyday till performance day.  Our, instructors were Lisa & Kelsey. The even class numbers had Lisa and the odd class numbers had Kelsey. So Room 1 had Kelsey and Room 2 had Lisa.


Room 1 : What do you mean? by Justin Bieber

Room 2: Five More Hours by Deorro & Chris Brown

We have linked the videos for our dances below.

For a start I acted silly when my teacher said we were doing RASA dance but by second session it was pretty fun!! – Jack

Jack and Ollie

The best bloggers (No offence to other bloggers)



Scribblebots at IT club


IT club on Friday with Phillipa Dick from Hatch Education –


“Vroom” as the little robot made it’s way around the paper making little lines everywhere creating a its own piece of art. Today at  I.T club on Friday the 3rd of June we made scribblebots we had; a little motor, a battery, a plastic cup, some wires and felt tip pens. We cellotaped the pens onto the  plastic cup, then put the motor on and a little piece of rubber on the end of the motor. We put it all together and we turned them on by using our paper clip switch.   We then put them on a piece of paper and they scribbled everywhere.  It was awesome.

 by Charlie Brough

IMG_0206 (2)



For the last couple of week’s we have been doing musicology with Mr Breese. We have been making music on garage band, writing  song’s and making backing track’s.  Then last Thursday Mr Breese brought some Recording Gear – a computer a microphone and lots of other cool toys to record us singing our songs!  Next we are going to make music videos for our song’s. I think that this is fun even though I don’t like singing. We are going to make our music video’s soon.  I have had a lot of FUN!! Thank you Mr Breese for letting us do this.

Written by Charlie and Blake



The Senior classes have been visiting Harold over the last week.  We have been learning about the line.   If you’re living above the line you are showing the values of your family and school and you are an Upstander.  If you are living below the line, you are a Bystander.   An Upstander stands up for people who are being bullied, and a Bystander does nothing or encourages the bully.  They can even start the bullying.   This line exists online and offline.

We also learnt how to be safe online and offline.  We were shown three video clips about cyber bullying. Harold was fun because at the final  session we got to do disco and karaoke with the disco lights and stars.


TSSA Swimming Sports


On Friday the 11th March, East Taieri those Year 5 and 6 students who were confident swimmers and wanted to compete, went to the Mosgiel pool for the TSSA swimming sports.  The schools that were competing were from the Taieri and included East Taieri, Silverstream and Elmgrove.  There were three main events: backstroke, freestyle and breaststroke, as well as a few relays.

On the day everybody felt nervous, but excited. It was like we were swimming for our lives. East Taieri School swimmers did really well on the day.

Our results included
9 years and under girls freestyle

  • 2nd charlotte
  • 3rd georgia


9 years boys 50m free

  • 1st harry s.
  • 2nd finn w.
  • 4th lewis d


10 years girls 50m free.

  • 3rd Sophie T.
  • 5th Philapa K.


10 years boys 50m free.

  • 2nd Jake F.
  • 3rd Riley H.
  • 6th Dylan M.


9 years girls 50m back .

  • 2nd Emily R.
  • 3rd erika r.
  • 4th Georgia M.


9 years boys 50m back.

  • 1st Harry S.
  • 2nd Finn W.
  • 4th Lewis D.
  • 5th Ewan B.


10 years boys 50m back.

  • 2nd Jake F.
  • 6th Riley H.


9 years boys 50m breast

  • 1st Harry S.
  • 2nd finn W.
  • 4th Lewis D.
  • 6th Ewan B.


9 years girls 50m breast.

  • 6th Rosie F.

10 years boys 50m breast.

  • 4th Jake F.


9 years- 1st East Taieri.

10 years- 1st East Taieri.

IM relay- 1st East Taieri.

East Taieri had a lot of fun at the TSSA swimming champs and we hope the East Taieri pupils bring it home next year!


By Jake and Harry

Two Weeks of Swimming


SPLASH!!!  For the last 2 weeks Rooms 1 & 2 have been doing swimming lessons with JC Swim School at the Mosgiel Community Swimming Pool.   Our swimming session is in the afternoon, which is good because we go home refreshed.

We were tested on the first day to see what swimming skills we had and what group we were going to be in for the next 2 weeks.  During our lessons we practised our freestyle and backstroke skills.  Some groups learnt the butterfly swimming stroke and breaststroke.   The swim teachers have been really pleased because they have seen a lot of improvements with all swimmers.

We have had a lot of fun at swimming and the year 5s can’t wait for swimming next year .